My greatest strengths!!

It is not very common when I only talk about my strengths.. am mostly a modest person and focus more on learning and improving than harping on my strengths..

However lately, I have realized its important to talk about your strengths and focus on them more, think about them, improve them more..
this is something about the Western people especially Americans – how they keep on talking about their strengths, good moments, achievements, etc. but at the same time stay open to learning more and appreciating others’ goodness..

I think this is the correct attitude where you are confident of what you are good at.. but however stay humble to learn and grow forever..

however, coming back to the topics of what my strengths are :-
– exposure to high level of sports..
– exposure to theatre, dance, singing, music, art, moral science, meditation, yoga
– convent education
– having been top performer during school and college days
– loved the MBA prep experience and achieved the highest level of finding peace/love in your efforts/work..
– xlri exposure
– work exposure @jnj,idea,airtel and tatas.. and hence industry exposure of telecom, manufacturing, retail, medical, cosmetics, fmcg, product solutioning…hence exposure of rural, global, metro.. hence exposure of b2b,b2c.. hence exposure of all geographies..
– 4yr&6mths exp of sales, mktg, product mgmt, solutioning, team management, strategic thinking – utter confidence of running a business..

– Have travelled alot and also stayed in all different parts of the country – all four directions covered..! Apart from this, can live out of a suitcase, don’t have a comfort zone in terms of location..
– Highly creative, enthusiastic, people loving, enjoys ownership, freedom in work..
– Motivated towards creating a world class working environment and making her contribution towards society and india’s economic development..

Nobody can take these away from me…


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