so much Mahabharat in my life and am not complaining…!! :)

This phase of my life will definitely have a significant mention of Star Plus Mahabharat & hence Mahabharat as a whole and its characters’ presence..

I have this habit of letting a topic take over my mind in terms of all my free time goes searching about it as well as my discussions outside work have an important mention of the topic..

Be it Robin Ted, Travelling, Photography, Attitude towards life, Sherlock, Movies, etc. These days it is Mahabharat though let me admit – it started sometime during Feb when I was quite taken aback with the actors who play Arjun Draupadi in modern day saga as well as the special effects used and definitely the verses spoken by Lord Krishna..

Plus, I have always had a questioning attitude – and Mahabharat seems to be the answer of it by showcasing many solutions to all of my doubts. You just need to have an eye, ear, heart, mind and soul for it..
I love it in one simple line.. something am remembering since yday..
Your duty on earth consists of 5 pillars – Knowledge, Love, devotion, justine and patience!
Love !!starplus-mahabharat-promo


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