Though this could be complete duffah.. ! But still I feel it is important somewhere,somehow.. TedRobin..

Ted-Robin-ted-mosby-6880822-600-900 BkoEW2YCcAEuax_ tumblr_m46d3b2c241rnnem6o1_500Firstly..let me admit.. its stupid..
To get thoughts about your own life from a TV sitcom…a manipulated script, rehearsed lines, well thought out scenarios.. I mean no, why should you – your life is far too interesting and happening!

But I like taking the basic essence out of every situation – if its meant to be taken..
And in himym – I did find some things to take away..

  • Always be optimistic about life and friends who you truely love..
  • Never stop loving and trying to find your soulmate
  • Its nice at times to go to great lengths for someone you know you wanna see happy..though its ok to not get credit for it..
  • Always appear cool and do cool things – (The Gang esp barney takes the lead..)
  • Follow your heart and your dream..

Somehow, am not in a different space than Ted’s – I feel am honest, nice, clean hearted, love my friends n my family, always give my best in every relationship, am always seeking for that one, ready to sacrifice and take blame for my loved ones..
But still haven’t met the ONE!

I hope God hears and gives me one to end the suspense of my life’s HIMYM!



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