Be relaxed.. at peace.. poignant.. and thoughtful

Life turning moment today when I heard that two guys at the age of 32 died of Heart Attack though everything was normal in their last annual medical report..

The only explanation that can be offered in this case could be that of Stress.. !

Today’s generation thinks they are super people – who can work alot, party even more, no need to take care of their mental n physical health.. they feel they can earn more money in a short span by taking a bit more pressure..

That bit more pressure and a bit more money never seems to cease..And the result is to be seen..

I don’t count myself to be very different.. the kind of pressure I take upon myself is well known to everyone as well.. and it has impacted my health in the past.. and personality as well..

So a decision to take it easy..whatever comes and look at your health and happiness first.. Love Family and friends and do things for them and their welfare first.. ! Everything else comes later..


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