All the places I have been

Its been asked a few times from me and its important to have a record for it so let me do it statewise : –

States Answer
Andhra Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh No
Assam No
Bihar Yes
Chhattisgarh No
Goa Yes
Gujarat Yes
Haryana Yes
Himachal Pradesh Yes
J&K Yes
Jharkhand Yes
Karnataka Yes
Kerala Yes
Madhya Pradesh Yes
Maharashtra Yes
Manipur No
Meghalaya No
Mizoram No
Nagaland No
Odisha Yes
Punjab Yes
Rajasthan Yes
Sikkim No
Tamil Nadu Yes
Tripura No
Uttar Pradesh Yes
Uttarakhand Yes
West Bengal Yes

In total, 18 states visited and 10 not – majorly 8 NE sisters and it would be great to visit them someday. But I think having been to 18 states and Bali, Capetown, Nepal is a not bad record so far. Would have liked it to be 10 countries though but hope God will make up for it soon coz he knows that I live for that only 🙂


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