A fan of History – Always!

As far as I can remember, even before being introduced to the subject of History in sixth standard in school  – I have been an ardent follower of History with great amount of admiration of my country, freedom fighters, conquerors n their conquests, Mughals, different culture, etc.

It began I think thanks to Sunday television shows including Ramayan and Mahabharat and some kids oriented shows shown by our cable – Vikram – Betaal, Dada-Dadi ki kahani, etc. Also comics used to always talk about them especially Akbar-Babar-Humayun and being in Allahabad we always used to hear about Gandhiji, Nehruji, Lal Bahadur Shastri, etc. But I think this was all due to my family’s strong orientation and respect towards our culture and homeland. My Dadi’s dad was a freedom fighter and she was a strong influence in my life making sure I sit with her and watch Ramayan, Mahabharat and also clarify all the doubts about them.

Even in class rooms, I was the one who was extremely up to date with mythology, freedom struggle, famous incidents, leaders and would feel very proud about being the selective few to know this. I remember in class third, we were asked to tell that how does Mahabharat and Ramayan begin and I was the only one to know about them. The only problem was that I wanted to tell the story from Bharat-Ganga stage while Mam or rather Miss wanted it to be a jist about Pandavs and Kauravs. 😀

After school, i college I don’t recall one could use much of history in engineering however we had a group that used to discuss the relevance of mythology in today’s times. It didn’t have much work to show but the intent was there 🙂 During that period, I remember reading all the wikipedia as well as other pages I could lay my hands upon reading about all kinds of history and its prominent leaders.

However, the major comeback of history in my life was the course of IPLE (Indian Philosphy Leadership Excellence) during second year of XLRI. That course revised me and took me back to Ramayan and Mahabharat days making sure that all my learning, knowledge and interest was of all the importance in the field that I was in.

Today, I truely honestly feel every thing I read, heard, talked about, felt about had a big role play in the way I am and what I am going to be and going to do.

I thank you Baua and all the important historical figures for making my life so interesting to read. Kabhi ho to bulana zaroor ek baar sair karenge saath 🙂


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