As I leave Hubli..

I’ll miss the place n it’s simplicity, hope I can carry it with me..
Still a lot of places that remain unexplored, Konkan belt being one.. Mysore, Coorg being other.. Dudhsagar, more Goa trips.. so much more could be done!

But yea I was missing being near to my friends and family – now I can go home more often, can have more friends to go out with, do more clicking, can work on Bharti foundation, travel more, can make my house the way I like it to be, can cook more stuff, can develop more personality towards being the kind I see myself, healthy lifestyle, learning music/dance, becoming more patient, soft spoken, calm, smiling, polite, non expecting, not holding anything, etc.

Remember, the latter half of things form more priority – pertaining to my own. Other things will automatically flow on its own..


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