How Splendorous Spiti was…!!

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I love Dalai Lama and I love the way he speaks and what he speaks..

But how much I loved Buddhism, monasteries, mountains, simplicity, roads with no roads, roads with no expected turns, power of nature, road side dhabas, kids with the most innocent looks, etc. I had no clue..

I don’t know how these trips turn out to be the turning points in your lives which make you look back and think hard.. which tell you how meaningless this daily hoards of earning more money, promotion, bigger house, car, etc. are.. 

I love travelling and exploring new places, situations, etc. through which I explore myself..

Spent loads of good time with Atul and Nausheen – that would be embedded in my memory forever..




Xl was so full of failures..

Before coming to xl.. I was not used to failures, rejections coming in abundance..
I was generally among top performers in academics, sports, theatre, and other extra currics.. Plus I had generally won appreciations from people around including seniors n teachers n friends n relatives.. I was always the shiny one..
And then I came to xl.. Things went completely upside down.. Apart from getting bad grades, rejections from committees.. Not being appreciated or so popular.. Was all I was facing..
Except the appreciation I got for my sports skills.. All I was getting was being thrashed.. All corners..
But it was a,learning in so many ways.. Coz you realize life is not gonna be always on the,pleasant and upside.. You will have to cope with the downside well too..
Xl helped me learn it and am thankful for it..

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