How music been there when nothing else been..

Kashmir instrument
Kashmir instrument

Its not sthg new I think.. that people consider music as an integral part of their lives.. We all lead different kinds of lives and as per our lifestyles and personalities, we tend to like different kinds of music..

As a kid, I also had my childhood song like every other kid.. [Its a strange thing about kids that they associate with a particular song for a very long time].. It was “Papa Kehte Hain..” from QSQT movie.. And I used to adore Aamir and Juhi.. After that there were string of Hindi movie songs that I used to listen on TV.!

I think the sensible music was introduced to me by our school, where I learnt “Naani Teri Morni ko..”, National Anthem, some prayers and other kids songs/poems.. In SMC, there was a wider range of assembly songs in Hindi and English.. Plus some amazing Hindi and English songs in the music classes.. They definitely added alot of sense of music in me.. Since Mumma is a singer herself, she used to do riyaaz on harmonium, tanpura which used to make me sit up and take note of classical music.. Not that I used to understand it or could do it properly, but I could understand that its something which is important and respectable..

Apart from school and home classes, there used to be alot of Bollywood and Hindi Pop Music which I used to really enjoy.. I remember watching music reality shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.. which used to give me an introduction to old hindi film songs and good singing also.. Somehow people used to say that I have a decent knowledge in music myself and could sing decently.. I have never taken it seriously but enjoy singing at times to myself and select people.. During these days I also joined folk music classes where I learnt some Bhojpuri songs which was alot of fun..

After coming to Ahmd, I think I somehow took myself away from most of the extra currics and just concentrated on academics but continued following the backstreet, britney, celiene,bollywood,pop,etc.

It was after entering XL that my taste in music got diversified and became enriched.. I learnt what blues, jazz, rocknroll, rapping, rock, hard rock, metal rock, death rock, soft rock, alternate, etc. kinds are all about..I heard many bands and artistes and found my taste of music! Alternate and rock…I appreciate jazz too.. But I think as the saying goes – a good song is a good song.. It does not matter whether it is wat genre, language, with words, etc.

I used to love and still love Bob Marley, Eagles, Greenday, U2, Maroon5,MJ,Coldplay,Eric Clapton, Ronan Keatings, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Air Supply, etc. There are multiple songs that I loveee from various other bands…Linkin Park, Metallica, Beethoven, AcDc, Abba, Lobo, Mariah Carrey, etc. etc. But most importantly now I could talk about music more confidently which was not the case till XLRI..

After coming into work, music is something I carry with myself in lappie and mobile phone and connect to it as much possible.. I love Music, can’t say its my life but its a very important integral part of my life without which life would be quite different !

Trying to connect to it in a different way altogether… Lets see how far am I successful..


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