Nature – thou art the God for me !!

You are the protector, the destroyer..
Thy forces are the strongest in the world..
it is you, who we turn to when tired, in distress, trauma..
And you give us the answers and heal us by simply your presence around us..

You are harsh, You don’t give in ..                                                                                              But you tell us in a way – if you do the right, you shall reach your destination..                       You are the greatest teacher one can ask for who has the most simple and basic forms of teaching..!                                                                                                                                 And teachings as such which stay with you forever and wherever you go..

You are the best friend too with the correct answers if one listens to you…                           You complete a human being as well by showing, exposing his/her limitations when he/she comes to you for advice..                                                                                             And the best part, you never ask for any credit or favors                                                              All you want is complete devotion and faith in these particles which have formed the greater human and its nature..

Nature – thou art my best companion in the current stage of life..                                         And I thank you for being there throughout my life even when I was ignorant of your presence and tried too hard against you..



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