The Relationships…

This has to be my favourite subject since a kid…

Alot of thought, energy, emotions, money, time, etc. have gone after the same.. thankfully no blood and flesh so far !!

Today after talking to an XL senior, I was thinking about how many serious relationships I have had so far and how many of those have I been able to pull through with me..

The answer is not very encouraging but then satisfactory for me since I know I can face it plus I can live happily with it.. The fact that the majority of the people I have met in life have been nice to me and I have been able to spend some quality time with them, learn from them is more than enough..

I think so is should not expect for people to become your long term companion coz you are in need of any.. You should live life to the fullest with every single person you happen to meet and then part away hoping to meet again for the good..!!

Photography, adventure trips, XL, my Job have helped me to meet alot of interesting people and learn alot from them – some of them might unexpectedly turnout to be long term friends too but right now I really don’t have any such deep emotions attached to any apart from my family and one/two among friends who I miss on daily basis.. Though I love and care for each one of them and wish them all the happiness in life but yeah the deep bond is missing..apart from a handful few..

Life, you are the strangest in every single way possible. you continue to offer innumerable possibilities while putting a question mark on each one of them.. We the followers shall try and decipher our way ahead, hoping for the answers we were meant to search and ponder upon !!


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