Some specific learning from Ganga Panga trip –


Thanks to some of the snobbish people around, I learnt am not bad either. How –

You can’t fight against the nature

Give benefit of doubt to one and all, don’t be so uptight about things..

don’t think twice, just go for the grab !! You’ll love it later..

don’t work too hard on yourself, if 90% preparation couldn’t help make you your mind rest 10% won’t..



The takeaways from Ganga Panga trip..

One always wonders – what are the things one loves the most!

As my 11 yr old cousin says – I love cars, my 23 yr old sister says – I don’t know, my Mom says – I love you and our family

I have always wondered to find what is it that can give me the breath to say I wanna live another day too..

I found partial answers in many things, I loved the food along with ambience I had at Olives, Bandra, I loved my friends
and family when they stood by me and showed me the path even I didn’t know, I loved God when he seemed to smile telling in
a way “Watch out – you’ll be great!!”.. And of course I loved clicking coz it helped me tell and feel stuff which was only
in my mind..

But again, these were things – which were catalysts to making my life one of the most beautiful ones in the world but then
they used to come and go away – and not be with me at every second of my life plus they did were things which were perceptable
to changes with time, situation, etc.

So, what was it which was all under my will and which gave me the thrill, boost whenever I wanted them the most..

I got my answer I feel – not that it was not hinted to me earlier… at various stages of my life I was told and I felt it
too that am the happiest when am out – exploring me and nature around..
Remembering an incident – in XLRI where the first 3 months are considered nothing less than a torture, I had almost forgotten
to sleep, eat, chat, smile, etc. During that period, the only time I found myself enjoying and more importantly smiling and
being myself was when we went for the 3 day adventure trip! It was lovely bonding with everyone in the nature, encouraging
each other to do things we only read or imagine about and moreover the feeling of using your body and mind to the fullest..

The last Hrishikesh trip with the Ganga Panga team was a witness of that too

I think I have found my answer to what I wanna do for the rest of my life which will make it the most fulfilling and hence
I know what to do now 🙂

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