The analysis of me.. Or dissection..

After observing myself in isolation (posting like Hubli does that to you – with not many external factors impacting you), I do have got some notions about me straight –

  • Am essentially a homely girl with great aspirations and fairly good thinking process        
  • Wherever I go and behave, the north Indian effect will come out and because of Ahmedabad – the sweetness and becoz of Mumbai – the bashness n confidence will show (am sorry for the gaga about me but only being honest)                                                        
  • I do come out as a person who means business and is no nonsense to a great extent  
  • I love home food with occasional eating out                                                                  
  • Even if I try to be too urbane and sophisticated, its not possible – I am very much Indian at heart who loves having a simple life and misses her people wherever she goes..
  • I tend to feel everything is difficult without trying my hand at it e.g. cooking
  • I do think a lot and many times unnecessary, so many times negative about myself and others – but have realized its not at all required

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