The Kumbh experience!!

Surreal is how i shall describe my kumbh experience..and its not at all because of the religious factors !
I am not a very religious person and don’t really appreciate those old temples where visitors flock them because of the tradition associated.. I don’t even encourage my parents when they suggest of visiting them..
For Kumbh, I somehow decided to visit it because of the overall experience it offers.. And it turned out to be quite a magical effect..

Things which made it standout – when you have a place where people from all over the world turn out to just to get a holy dip, without actually even waiting for its scientific results to come, it gotta be special! Its just their blind faith that it will wash away all their sins.. So convenient it sounds  🙂 .. well its just the easy part you’ve heard..

Managing a 5Cr crowd on a daily basis from their stay to medicine to logistics to waste.. Is not a joke..!!

What made it special for me was the medium it became to offer some selfless service to the needy.. And also a world level spectacle it became thanks to all forms of art from dancers to actors to photographers to vocalists to stunt performers to ganja specialist to food lovers, all were under one roof !!
Something else which appealed to me was some of the customs performed there which one could relate to despite any religious background.. The aarti in particular with the beautiful diyas floating after it holds a special importance..
I don’t know what my other not so religious friends feel about the Kumbh, but I came out a more enriched person from thoughts were more clear and my life seemed more purposeful.. Isn’t that good enough in its own right..
It was a happy trip to Kumbh which I refer to ‘The Rural India Disneyland’..
And do I feel energetic about going to work tomorrow morning..


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