The calmness I wanna feel always within..



This image makes me recall what the feeling of being calm is all about..



As I start anew…

Words seem to fail you when you have so much going inside you..
Resigning from your last job, saying bye to your friends, neighbours, relatives, packing all your stuff, preparing yourself for the new place, new job, new eventualities, etc. gives you alot more than what you can handle..
Life has been kind on me to give me an opportunity when I needed it the most, I remember having lost all my motivation for work and wanting to run away from it.. I think its one of the worst feelings you can bring yourself at..
But thankfully I got a break and it feels good about getting the break..hence all this chaos seems okay to manage! How good it will be for me and vice versa shall be decided in due course of time..
But if I can judge it well enough, I think it will be excellent learning n exposure platform.. Which will give me the next necessary boost!
And as far as life in mlore is concerned, I will make good of it by developing a good exercise and food regime, by doing things people in small city get to do, get my hands set on a car..doing a good amount of travel.. Developing mlore diaries..getting the right attitude.. Becoming more patient n learning to put your points in the right perspective..more effectively, becoming a better professional..
It was nice to have the conversation with Pankaj uncle n Mausaji yday who said you are paid as per how much difference you can create in the company..just like market cap of a company is decided by the same..
It helped me get more clarity about the disparity of pay in India..
Life continue giving me answers for my searches..!
Sign out from Bombay for now.. N I won’t miss the local trains for sure..  🙂

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