The Chilly Delhi protests…

Nothing in the recent past has moved me as well as engrossed me so much as the recent Delhi protests against the gang rape of the 23-yr old bravest of the brave girl.                Neither did cricket, any gadget, any car, neither did any other significant achievement has given me so much to think about.

Not discussing the disgust,anguish, pain and the haplessness involved – what moved me most of how the youth decided to take matters in their own hands. A nation wide protest with the highest intensity at Delhi was launched.

In my opinion, these protests are an achievement – they are an achievement of the human spirit, the youth’s awareness, their sensitivity for the issues pertaining to their present. Generally youths are the ones to be blamed for their irresponsible and insensitive behavior, which they successfully proved false this time around. It felt proud to be part of youth!

While this made me proud, behavior of a few so called men, boys, male counterparts – left me disappointed! Apart from not voicing their concerns about these issues, they chose to express their regressive and congress like viewpoints. Some even decided to blame girls for not standing up for their protection!! Who explains to such uneducated MBAs – women in this country/world always try, every second of their lives to stand up to men, situations,society but to no avail!! Who do you blame??

There is alot of anger, resentment in me – more than I have ever felt for a very long time. I do not enjoy feeling the same but my hope to stay in a society which is not perfect but strives to achieve perfection and slowly moves towards it with GENUINE efforts is not happening for now!


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