The Chilly Delhi protests…

Nothing in the recent past has moved me as well as engrossed me so much as the recent Delhi protests against the gang rape of the 23-yr old bravest of the brave girl.                Neither did cricket, any gadget, any car, neither did any other significant achievement has given me so much to think about.

Not discussing the disgust,anguish, pain and the haplessness involved – what moved me most of how the youth decided to take matters in their own hands. A nation wide protest with the highest intensity at Delhi was launched.

In my opinion, these protests are an achievement – they are an achievement of the human spirit, the youth’s awareness, their sensitivity for the issues pertaining to their present. Generally youths are the ones to be blamed for their irresponsible and insensitive behavior, which they successfully proved false this time around. It felt proud to be part of youth!

While this made me proud, behavior of a few so called men, boys, male counterparts – left me disappointed! Apart from not voicing their concerns about these issues, they chose to express their regressive and congress like viewpoints. Some even decided to blame girls for not standing up for their protection!! Who explains to such uneducated MBAs – women in this country/world always try, every second of their lives to stand up to men, situations,society but to no avail!! Who do you blame??

There is alot of anger, resentment in me – more than I have ever felt for a very long time. I do not enjoy feeling the same but my hope to stay in a society which is not perfect but strives to achieve perfection and slowly moves towards it with GENUINE efforts is not happening for now!


Goa Trip – December 2012

That was Goa for me in Dec12 … from 7th to 9th December..

Starting from the Aarambol beach we landed at – the food and lime fresh soda was awesum! The characters were amazing! A Juggler, a hippie who was organizing sessions on relationships (my friend told me about him), a man who was playing flute by the beach, a group of hippies doing meditation at the sunset..What do u have to say for that! Brilliant…is a small word and it is just starting to happen!

We head back from Arambol after the sunset and some shopping..Goto some clicking of each other..and the evening gets better! After having already ordered couple of drink and getting complimentary cigrattes, we meet 3 Hyd of them did all the talking and the other two occasional putting in a word or two..Whatever, we talked and discussed a possibility of attending David Guetta the next day..and decide to depart..BTW the “hummus” was addicting..

Next morning, after getting up late we(I hope I mentioned by we I mean San and me) go for the breakfast by the beach as decided. Now here is where the fun starts, San wants to drive the bike..and decides to take us both to Anjuna beach. Me, of course terrified initially with the idea, thought she was doing okay! And den at the parking, she finds the accelerator in place of brakes when it came to stopping the vehicle..! And Boom we go..We bump into an already parked scooter which happened to be of the stall owner next to us.. Now going by the Goan standards what came next was very much expected..They refused to let us go without paying 700 bucks!! All they had for a claim was a scratch (made before or after) on the handle..I was adamant – no giving, San was her considerate best! But that later..

As we moved inside, we found an open place at the end of the market – must be serving terrible food (which we later experienced) as despite the great view, there was no audience! San too liked the place and we decided to eat there only. The view of the place just blew me away! It was straight out from movies..Clear sky, blue open sea with sun glittering and spreading the golden shimmering glow all over, eagles flying above the water making it a “breath taking view”! The food as expected was bad but the view and the breeze more than made up for it..


Going back where we left our incomplete fight – the man and his angry wife wanted the amount at all costs, so we decided that we will give as much the mechanic says. The man  agreed and we left for (his own) mechanic. We knew he will make the mechanic say more or equal the amount! Still going after him, we saw a narrow lane to the right, which we had previously taken for our photo shots and I TURNED!! Hillarious it was, we went on going ahead and still imagining we might bump into him ahead decided to go far away to Fort Aguada! But amazingly bollywooddy it felt, Bhagam Bhag! 🙂

Fort Aguada had some more nice moments to add, of course the drive was amazingly smooth and pleasant. Next to the fort was the lighthouse where we didn’t see any public going. We were (atleast I was) skeptical still decided to give it a shot..Took tickets, went up and found a great view to our waiting. One side was the Fort and the sea while the other side we had the Calangute Beach with its shacks and subjects..and a sun setting in between..Breeze was amazing! And we found ourselves deciding to wait till the Sunset (I think San decided coz she thought it was better than staying on the fort!) .. It was awesome..San decided to sleep..I was calm as meditating..We striked some nice conversation too!! All in all – another high point of our trip..

After returning, we decided to meet the guys again and go partying!! So one crazy night of party followed starting from 8pm and lasting till 7am..We began with a search for a nice place near Calangute/Baga for dinner and drinks..followed it up with ending up at shacks in Anjuna where various rounds of weed and tequila followed..I was high..                                  I wanted to go walking on the beach so I took Carlos and San alongwith me for the walk, another amazing scene I could capture in my mind – Pitch dark sky with sparkling stars, noisy sea and shadows of coconut treas! Wow…

We followed it up with a rave party where everyone was very much upto their behavior, reached hotel and crashed around 7:10am..

We woke up around ready and left for Vasco via Panji..Thanks to a local friend I connected with, who showed us an amazing bakery (yea, my love for food never dies), a great harbor view and a couple of nice churches..

The first one being around 400 years old, had a cemetery by its side! Spooky but then very quiet despite all the din coming from outside..The other church happened to be on an island on the outskirts which was connected by a bridge..When we reached there, we saw a funeral in procession, carols singing, sad relatives – another spooky moment! But as San said it – “how was it, that we happened to be there when the funeral of an unknown was happening, where the place just played a carol followed by the procession..” .. It seemed a little destined..

Goa Trip – Amazing you were to me! Thank you for happening..Come soon again!!

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