How did I get creative?

As a child I was really bad at drawings and SUPW in school but I always being remember very interested in stories. Be it school books, grandma’s stories, tv series, mythologies,etc.

Since my dad being a doctor wanted me to be good at biology, he got me interested in art classes so my human figures drawing can be improved 🙂

That helped as it got my basics, sense of colors right. That got me the confidence to make bigger drawings, sketches, cards, etc. which I still cherish to make as time permits.

Later during the same time I got introduced to theater..this gave me amazing confidence and ability to express myself..also it helped me understand human emotions better..

During the latter half of the school in Ahmedabad, I don’t really remember indulging in something highly creative apart from occasional sketching, drawing, etc. During Nirma days, what got the creative side of me was organizing events, getting involved into an NGO 🙂 (for the past few years, social service has been the most satisfying thought and experience)!

During XL, making presentations, projects, presenting myself interestingly enough, executing interesting discussions, meeting interesting people, understanding the creative sides more by exploring various kinds of music, movies, sitcoms, personalities, etc. It was highly satisfying to see different levels, different kinds, different intensities of creativity being expressed by all the various mediums.

However after coming in work life, what gave maximum air to my creativity was of course photography. Apart from that – learning salsa, jive, samba, rumba, cha cha has given alot of enthusiasm to my inner expression of creativity.

Joining TFI as a volunteer, travelling to various places, observing people around have all been great amount of learning for my creative capacity! And I have truly and honestly enjoyed it…

And what’s special about it is the fact that I don’t need to prove the impact of the same! Its there for me to feel and smile…

It is the true side of being me!…And yes I cannot approach it full time now 🙂 That’s the irony of life, how it translates to me…


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