My ancestral lineage..

I was born in Allahabad in a nursing home called Draupadi Nursing home in a locality called Kalyani Devi in the older locality of the city (map attached)alld map

My family was staying in a rented place since there was a court case going about their original place of stay! So my first two years of childhood as well as the two years before my birth (immediately after my parent’s wedding) were spent there only by my family.

As far as I know, my paternal great grandfather had earned money as an accountant to build up a house for himself and his family in a good area called Mahajani Tola! My grandfather also took up the same job after completing his graduation. However educated and smart looking my grand father was, not being extremely industrious was something my vivacious grandmother never approved of. She was the fire of the house – extremely required in “not to do so good” house of ours!! But the family was the apple of everyone’s eyes, you go back and check those times – my granny ensured they were involved in every social occasion right from birth to marriages or festivals..she was just WOW!!

As far as my maternal family goes, they were traditionally better off than my paternal side. They were famous for their workshops of stones. Stone structures were famous in those days! Their family was bigger too. My maternal great great grandfather, whose portrait I have seen in the house was an important businessman/trader of stones and made a great name as well as money for the family which literally helped generations to be fed with little or no help. My maternal grandpa – whom I never saw was a very loyal man, who spent his entire life following and supporting his elder brother. The elder brother whom I have known as Nanaji for my entire life is a great man in his own right, someone with immense knowledge and value system and takes extreme pride in himself and his life. An ideal example of how old fellows are 🙂

Alot of things which were similar between my paternal and maternal families – both had large families 🙂 both were business families traditionally with my paternal family giving way to services while maternal side still holding on to the business/contractor style of work.

There are so many stories and so many characters, I will hopefully disclose in coming days!!


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