When I used to just quietly walk back home…

There was a time … (just like “we are the world” song) ..

When I was distraught and clueless about my future and it was way back in 2005-2007, when I had no clue where my life was going..what was I doing with it..am I happy or not..

I remember not being happy or satisfied at most of the times..but I also remember to having just decided to give my best for whatever came my way and putting in my best foot forward…

Somehow I just enjoyed that process so much that nothing else mattered to me – I don’t know how but that routine of going for classes on sat and sun, giving mocks, having long discussions about the prep, etc. just went so well with me that I never complained about it..

Where as the process of going to college, sitting through those lectures just seemed never ending…Still I think I gave my best shot with a balanced mind and that is what made me stand out..

After coming in MBA, in Job it has somehow become so much about others – what are others doing, saying, telling, etc. etc. that the focus of just being with myself has gone away..

And this is what the time and hence God keeps telling me in current time to be okay with what you have and not stray your thoughts too much here and there..

🙂 I know the truth…more clearly now perhaps after having compared it with my past best experience!

I will be more with myself and my beliefs 🙂 and life will be goooooodddddddd… 🙂 (Funny how it can be good or God)


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