Sometimes..I is talking back to me though it happens always :)

As I have told and said so many times before despite of making millions of efforts to not come to them again and again…Life is not a smooth walk! And bloody hell – thanks Heaven it is not…or else life would have been very very dull!!

In these times of distress which I can tell you are plenty…at times I feel I just let the life and others not talk to me.. at times I let others talk to me alot .. and at others I am able to listen what life has to say to me.. and the last one is the most satisfying and soothing one ..

At times – it just asks me to be quiet, to do nothing and just stay still .. since my meditation teachings also told me the same I believe it to be the closest to truth..

At times it asks me to express myself in a lot more sophisticated manner like today it asked me to express those wierd feelings of mine in terms of my photography..though it never occurred to me before despite of doing photography for more than 16mths now..

The result of one of those..


Just hope life continues to talk to me in its true colours..

As long as I stay honest to it and myself – I know the talks shall continue 🙂


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