On the way to Nashik Trip…

It was Friday evening of 3rd Aug 2012, I was looking for a person to accompany from Andheri to Dadar station together. I got a number of a girl from Santacruz from the coordinator and I msgd her if we can go together to Dadar. She agreed and we decided to meet at Dadar station in the morning.
As fate will have it, when I sat in the train I got her message saying that she has already got late in getting up. So I decided to make my way to Dadar TT on my own. I reached early and was just passing my time with other two early birds.

When the bus arrived and I got introduced to everyone, this girl was nice enough to introduce herself to me and also apologized for ditching me at last moment. In order to make up for it or I don’t know if she found me sweet enough to talk to – she offered to sit beside me and here we started our journey of talking.

We started to talk about our jobs and found some common points to discuss in our respective professions..I was surprised to find that she has switched as many as 6 jobs in 8 years..the fun had only just begun..

So I discovered about her dancing skill of Odissi, how religiously she practices it twice a week..her interest in couch surfing..how she had gone away for a tour with a dance troupe for a year to europe..she went river rafting to Hrishikesh though she had a water phobia..and more n more..

The way she talked showed a great level of maturity and warmth, it was wonderful how two strangers out of nowhere are able to talk about things they hardly tell it to anyone. I told her about my letter writing fondness, my love for meditation, about how difficult it was to leave Allahabad, how I don’t like going for a movie or food alone,etc.

But what blew me away was the way she took over the conversation when it came to discussing Auroville..how she described the architecture of the city, the kind of people from all over the world reside there, how that city has been made self sufficient since 1930s, how there are peacocks flying here and there, how cycling in the place is so much fun!! The passion with which she described this was not to be seen anywhere else in the conversation. The confidence and spark that showed during this conversation showed so much that was inside this girl wanting to come out. It instantly connected me with her…

The Nashik valleys outside the windows just adding to this beautiful conversation, how it was raining earlier and then it stopped which helped me open the windows and brought a cool breeze in as soon as she completed her conversation about Auroville..as if it was all written like a beautifully structured script..

Some things are just meant to happen and you are lucky that they happen to you…

During the trip and after it – we both knew that this trip was special..!!

So thank you Nashik trip for making me meet Poornima Dahale!!


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