The two faced me…


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‘The two side of me’ has always given me a lot of trouble, time and again. Which side of me is the closest to me (?) has been tried to search by me quite frequently.

One side of me is the chirpier, talkative, absolute chilled out and full of expressions/comments Misha.   The other side is the more serious, responsible, deep in thoughts, poised Misha.

The general conclusion or you can say the feasible solution found by me usually is that its not me who is different but the situations which bring out a different side of me. Some require me to be at ease like outside work, with my friends, etc. The other one is more prominent especially at work, when I am busy trying to concentrate or create something.

At home (I wonder how this Andheri flat has become home to me) too – I feel I can be both. Though I love being the silent me when I am around myself and break into those sudden reactions when something around me happens.

They create confusion in my mind when I feel I can react in either of the ways..however it gives me an option to behave in either of the two ways as the situation demands..its like Sachin can play a ball on his off stump to mid on or mid off..

I think trouble is caused when I take it too seriously about how to react..perhaps I should just take it easy and let myself be. Whichever way I react, I love myself in both the situations.


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