I don’t call you friends…

Friends was a topic that was waiting to be mentioned here…

coz they DO form the basis of who you are…

coz people somehow occupy alot of importance in my life, though I find it silly at times when I find myself bending too much in the directions of what others would be making out of a particular situation…

coz they are the people you depend on other than family and you…infact they become your extended family easily..

But then they can be a bad influence too, if one is not careful – dese very people can lead you into doing something unfortunate. Hence, you have to constantly be in touch with your inner self before committing to anything which can prove detrimental. Am I sounding too cautious?! I think am just sounding a little responsible.

I have been lucky to realize the importance of good influences/people/moments/thoughts/discussions early in my life…Be it my dadi (Baua as I referred to her), people of Ghiyanagar Phulpur colony, mentors at Badminton coaching or Theatre Workshop – life was quite an ideal way of growing up for a middle class post reforms kid. I had been a fighter and still I am. The only difference now being – I have learnt to smile and have fun when at distress as well. I have realized that arguing, fighting, trying to prove one better is not the only solution always.I have my bosses, Mom and Juzz to a great extent to be there during my early part of work life to make me realize that its important to take it easy at times too. Its important to accept people the way they are and get work done with around them. Throwing away, removing them, fast reshuffling, changing are not the only methodologies to be followed when in distress.

I am glad I learnt and practiced this art in my real life….

And for others who decide to always point at -ves and make you feel lower – I have one thing to say, go and check mirror once! There are alot of good things to be spoken about and discussed too..!

Talking about good things – Friday, the 13th April I made a promise to myself to make myself happy always, to dress well, to look beautiful and smiling, always positive. Starting to play tennis, keeping myself occupied with different activities is a step towards that and am loving it! 🙂

Don’t have to let others affect it…!


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