What a boon this Kashmir trip proved to be..!!

How wonderful being out of touch with the rest of world can proved to be, so as to look within yourself and find an answer to the shortcomings being faced.

11th June to 16th June – a trip undertaken with family to Kashmir valley which covered Srinagar (with its enchanting Dal Lake), Sonmarg (with its encapturing route covering hills, river), Gulmarg (with its adventorous Gondola ride to the ice tip) and Pahalgam (with its all filmi history from Elaan-e-Jung to Rockstar).

Ofcourse the beauty of all the places was enchanting, the company even more endearing but of all which made the trip truely memorable was how in simple ways I was able to learn lessons to help overcome current shortcomings.

Shortcoming one : To react and get upset at every little happening around. The solution to it as said by Bhai – “If you react to everthing around then people around shall feel that it is all about you”, “You should not react to things which are beyond your control, you should speak up only when water crosses its defined limit.”

Shortcoming two : To become “gumsum” and “lost” even on a normal day. A complete nonsense, especially when it keeps on happening again and again – to be kept away at a hand long distance. The promise I made two months ago to myself to keep myself happy always seems to be happening and working out.

Shortcoming three: To loose temper easily and get into a shouting zone. Its terrible and makes you feel guilty till a long time even after its over. Learning for it – just stay away from straying close to it even and keep your mind always cool.

Now talking a little more on the beauty that I experienced in Kashmir – the roses were scarlet lovely, the people were most handsome, the river was utterly butterly clean, mountains were unforgettably gigantic, sheep & goats were inncently cute, horses were white & charismatic, the meadows were smooth green and I was out of ideas of how to carry this beauty with myself back home. At the end of it, I decided to buy Pashmina shawl and a wooden shikara miniature.

All I want now is to be able to carry myself out in the most strongest manner as I see myself and become a person I can proudly own myself as which this trip made me appear in my own eyes. And I will look back at this trip with smile whenever in doubt or in need for an inspiration! Amen.


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