One more for the dreams…

Yes Dreams are worth spending a life time about, being talked about daily, being discussed with friends again and again…and of course being written as a consecutive blog post!

Starting a school in mountains with the most interesting curriculum is a dream I think I would like to live in reality. But that can’t be realized without making some concrete efforts towards it.

So how do I begin to make efforts towards realizing my dream – the one I can see now. (I hope it gets stronger and more convincing as the day passes and makes me realize that this is what I have always wanted to do)

I begin by finding the initial cost of setup, running the setup to make it a sustainable one and how shall it be a different one. I realize that in order to make it a sustainable model, I shall need kids who can pay the school a certain amount of fees. As per the initial reactions, the kids for whom I wanna run the school will not be in a position to pay the same. So how do we make it a sustainable model?

Plus seeking an interesting curriculum to teach them shall be another challenge to be met.

Coming days to pour some light over it… Continue reading “One more for the dreams…”


My dream..!!

I have just finished reading this wonderful article about believing in your dreams…

Its wonderful to speak with so much conviction on the topic of dreams and to lead such a life too is even more wonderful. 

This made me wonder and think even more hard on what I want to do and how I want to make a difference.. (though I have played and still play alot many sports and am reasonably good at it too, but it is only a mean of leading my life not the reason of leading my life 🙂 )

Photographer…na (I like myself doing that plus I enjoy doing it too however, again its not how I see myself spending the greater part of my life doing..)

Corporate Job…ya ya we will come to it anyway if we don’t find any other way of making our lives a success. 

So what is it that will hold me for life…smiling, satisfied, not looking back with sadness or regret…

Here is how my dream unfolds in my eyes:

“Somewhere far, in the mountains, with alot of green around, there shall be a small house like structure with a big veranda to it where alot of children (around 100 for starters) shall come to study, learn new things, ways for life.”

I shall teach them, be with them, be their guardian, guide, friend, sister, mother and shall take away lot many smiles and gratitude in return.

I will escape every weekend or every given opportunity to one of the unexplored areas of the world and get my gateway hence.

My parents will have to stay some where near by and my husband, who am sure will come into my life will have to be somewhere near or into the picture.

Beyond this, I have no answer for the questions like – 

-how will the school run? Probably I will fund it or get it funded from donations of my rich friends..

-how will I ensure school is sustainable once I am gone away? Probably a trust or a reliable successor

etc. etc.

But I know I will be a happy person if I get to do this, whatever comes along and with it shall be appreciated too.

But God I so wish you make this true for me 🙂

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