“Hello world!” is how it wanted me to start here…but I start with a pause..a thought for all..!

So today is the day I start writing my own blog – Tuesday, 24th April 2012.

I have been aware of blogging now for almost 4 years but have tried to keep away from it since I felt it makes you a loner, an introvert. Its mostly done by a “not so successful person” wanting to prove “am the best” to oneself and others to be impressed. Plus, once when I started to out my thoughts down in words – I realized I generally end up taking out my frustration! 😀 which make me feel wrinkled when I read them later..

So, why the need or urge to write here now…

  • Linking the world of Photographs with my thoughts behind them in a way better than flickr, Facebook is one. Story goes : A person I took a kind of liking to happens to display his blog. I liked the way he had linked his pictures with his thoughts. And guess what, he’s a loner too and believes in only flings 😛
  • Getting to know myself better and also tracking how my mind has changed over the time is other…Grooming myself as a person, to be able to put my thoughts more articulately shall be the biggest of all reasons
  • Did I say its Sachin Tendulkar’s bday – that’s a reason too 😀 (have to be the least of all reasons). Though he’s one of the most famous Indians, my disbelief in making an individual bigger than the whole purpose of life won’t allow me to worship him like so many other.
  • There are thoughts, things,people,moments in one’s 12hr hard work weekday – which have the power to make you lead rest of your day with a smile. Hope to present a memorabilia of it too!.I will try my best to write words, thoughts here which I believe in, which I can stand by and which I won’t disown in future..
  • I think I have grown and matured enough to be able to write what I would like others to remember me by…(you cannot detach this thought while writing your first blog

I made another promise to myself a few days back on Friday, 13th April 2012: “to be a more happy person, a more relaxed one, a better groomed, good looking person. To carry myself in a fashion to make me envy myself. Don’t wish to dazzle anyone, just want to give myself a fair chance of looking my best, being and feeling my best. I promised to be the person responsible to ensure I smile even in adversity.” Its a good feeling and a happy independent one. I think this is how a happy person is made, not by finding happiness in others but by being the happiness for others.

Enough of gibberish for first day…hope to make a lot more smart notes in coming days and ya pics to start soon too 🙂


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